Kem & Susan Haggard

Pastors Kem & Susan Haggard have been in full-time ministry since 1986.  It was during their ministry in Austin, Texas, in 1992, that Matt & Jenifer Gerald began to partner with them to reach teens of the area with the love and truth of God, both in the church and on the campus.

After two summer missions trips to Wrangell in ‘99 & ‘00, God directed Kem, Susan and their two children, Chris & Courtney to make the move to Wrangell in December 2000. They came to share a message of hope for the teens of this island.  In 2003, their ministry focus was expanded to encompass adult ministry, children’s ministry, as well as continuing youth ministry.

During this same time, Pastors Matt & Jen continued their ministry both in the church and on the campus, in Texas.  In June of ‘07, the Gerald family, Matt, Jen, Bryce & Abby, moved to Wrangell to become the Youth Pastors.

Together, with the rest of the family of Harbor Light, and other Christians throughout the body of Christ, we are partnering to serve God by extending His light and love to children, teens and adults of Wrangell, Southeast Alaska, and around the world!